Diamond Dog Bed

Because your dog deserves the same comfort you do

Size Matters

Owners of very large dogs know the problem – it is very hard to find a sleeping place, which is large enough for their dog. The overwhelming majority of beds in brick-and-mortar pet shops are designed for smaller breeds, which leads to comical situations, in which a 70kg Great Dane tries to squeeze it’s body into a dog bed half it’s size. This is of course not very healthy for any dog, especially for larger breeds, which tend to have problems with their joints and bones anyway.

That’s why we designed the Diamond Dog Bed for very large breeds! The Diamond’s dimensions are impressive – the 100 x 150 cm format will be more than enough for even the largest Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, Great Danes or French Mastiffs. It’s also suited for 2 dogs of a more common size, like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers or Boxers.

The Heart of the Diamond

The heart of the Diamond Dog Bed is the specially designed mattress, which strives to maximize the sleeping comfort for your pet. It is filled with a carefully chosen mixture of The mattress is divided into 6 chambers, to prevent the mattress from excessive clumping. The filling is made out of shredded foam material and polyester staple fibre, which make the Diamond both soft and resistant to deformations.

Please note: The mattress should still be taken out and shaken up frequently to ensure the Diamond retains it’s fluffy form.

Schmuckstücks Diamond Bed View of the mattress

Comfort and Design Combined

While creating the Diamond we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve – to combine comfort for even the largest dog breeds with a visually pleasing look that fits into every well-designed interior. We are proud to have achieved both of those goals. The Diamond is not only loved by dogs, but is also an excellent and appealing centerpiece for every room design. It’s sure to draw the attention of every of your visitors.

The Diamond comes in 8 different colors divided into two different types. The first type is made out of ecological nubuck, which has a warm, soft touch to increase your dogs comfort. The second type is made out of ecological leather, which is resistant to stains and scratches to allow easier maintaining. Please refer the comparison table below to determine which type suits you and your dog best.

To make your choice easier, we prepared a comparison list for you, where you can easily compare the pros and cons of both types of materials.

Ecological Nubuck

  • Suited for dogs with shorter hair
  • Warm and smooth to touch to increase your dogs comfort, especially suited for dogs with shorter hair
  • Stains are much less visible, but fur is harder to remove, a lint brush might come in handy
  • The covering is slightly more prone to scratching, the nubuck may become coarse and rough if not maintained properly
  • The covering is suitable to be washed in the washing machine, cleaning by hand is rather ineffective and not recommended
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Ecological Leather

  • Suited for dogs with a tendency to drool
  • The ecological leather is slightly colder to touch, but dogs usually don't mind thanks to their fur
  • Stains are more visible, but the covering is much easier to clean, especially dog hair
  • The covering is more resistant to scratching and more resistant to temperature and humidity
  • The covering is not suited to be washed in a washing machine, cleaning by hand with a wet towel is very effective and often not time consuming - one swipe is usually enough
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